Complete insulation from the other clients

If you are looking for a more affordable approach to upgrade to some more powerful web hosting solution, Linux Hosts Ltd.’s VPS hosting services are just the answer you are looking for.

With Linux Hosts Ltd., you’re the master of your own server and won’t have to split it with any one. You will have the exact same freedom that you could have with a dedicated web hosting server. With complete root admission, you will be able to switch and adjust whatever you need and upload almost any software that you choose.

And, in case anything occurs to your information, we’re going to recover the whole Virtual Private Server from our backup.

Full root access to the server

Analogous to having a dedicated server, having a VPS you’ll have complete root access to your web hosting environment. Thus you are able to modify anything within the server and system it whenever you have to.

This provides you the liberty to set up web applications that usually can’t be installed within a regular web hosting account (ffmpeg, for instance). You can create the video sharing portal you have constantly desired, or maybe a media–rich web site with video clip converting features.

Last but not least, if you need assistance with the server, our tech support team is accessible 24x7 to assist you with any query or trouble which you may have.

OpenVZ VPS Hosting

At Linux Hosts Ltd., we provide you with OpenVZ VPS Hosting Services.

The OpenVZ VPS Hosting Services, , the open–source SolusVM panel .

VPS solutions, , root , Operating Systems. backups .

Multiple data center choices

We are aware that the Data Center area is usually an essential element for the functionality of your websites and Linux Hosts Ltd. offers a bunch of locations for you – in the USA, in the UK and in Australia. All data centers offer an excellent hosting atmosphere for your Virtual Private Server.

No matter what data center you select, your VPS will have remarkable connectivity to the rest of the world on account of a totally reliable network founded on Juniper routers and switches.

Your media–rich websites will be inside a protected location plus a team of sys admins will be watching the network onsite to ensure a 99.9% network uptime. The prices and the attributes of our VPS Hosting Services are similar for all data centers, which means you can choose the location which is nearest to your target visitors.

You actually find more server features than you have signed up for

Linux Hosts Ltd.’s VPS Hosting Services will offer much more resources than you’ve purchased.

Due to a distinctive virtualization process, your web hosting server is going to be 100% insulated from the different users on the same physical machine, so you’re able to utilize all the resources that are assigned to you. At the same time, the RAM resources which are available on the server will be available to you take advantage of whenever you reach your source confines.

To give you an example, should your VPS offers 512 MB of RAM memory, you will still have the option to make use of the free RAM resources that are available on the master server.