Semi-dedicated server allocations

As its name suggests, a semi-dedicated plans is similar to a dedicated server. You share the resources of a fully fledged dedicated server with just several other customers as compared to the hundreds of customers on a shared server. In this way, you have access to an abundance of system resources at a more affordable price. Moreover, a semi–dedicated server is much easier to manage in comparison with a standalone dedicated server.

As opposed to a dedicated server, you will not be provided with root access to your hosting environment and will not be able to pick a server Operating System and a web hosting Control Panel. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to take advantage of Linux Hosts Ltd.’s avant–garde cloud hosting platform, which boasts an astonishing stability.

A cloud hosting system

Linux Hosts Ltd.’s cloud hosting platform is the foundation of all the semi–dedicated server configurations that we’re offering. This will give your semi–dedicated server a remarkable performance stability and you will never have to get worried that you share a physical server with some other clients.

Furthermore, our cloud hosting platform allows for a very fast and easy transition from a cloud hosting account to a semi–dedicated server. Just push the Upgrade button and we’ll handle the move for you within minutes. Plus, you can switch between our semi–dedicated server setups with a simple click of the mouse.

Linux Hosts Ltd.’s cloud hosting plans come bundled with the point–and–click Hepsia web hosting Control Panel, so you will be able to administer your server through a user–friendly user interface offering a set of website setup tools and free–of–charge bonuses.

Easy to use Online Control Panel

Because our semi-dedicated plans are based on our cloud hosting system, they can easily be administered through our Hepsia Online Control Panel, which is included for free with every server.

The Hepsia Control Panel is designed to live in the cloud. It is very easy to work with, performs really fast and offers a ton of free bonuses. In addition, it offers streamlined navigation – you can easily go from one Control Panel section to another without having to memorize the exact URL or to visit the index page each time.

What is more, when you’re working with the Hepsia Control Panel, you don’t need to worry about server administration operations – we handle these for you. This way, you’ll be able to dedicate all your efforts to your sites.

A number of totally free additional bonuses

Linux Hosts Ltd.’s hosting Control Panel features a host of charge–free tools and bonuses that will allow you to launch, manage and popularize your new website with a click.

You’ll be able to get the most out of various custom–built web site creation tools, including a 1–click Apps Installer, an automatic Instant Web Site Installer and a web–based Cost Free Web Site Builder. Besides, you can make use of the included Web Marketing Tools to create a brand–new sitemap or to add RSS feeds to your site. Comprehensive web analytics statistics will keep you informed of your site’s online performance via an easy–to–read graphical user interface.

Site Accelerators such as Memcached and Varnish will be caching database queries and will thus speed up your websites significantly.

Ensured protection

The cloud hosting system, which is the basis of our semi-dedicated plans, also ensures far better protection for your web sites.

Our cloud hosting platform is based on a heavily customized version of SELinux – the security–enhanced Linux distro, which places a high emphasis on network security. Linux Hosts Ltd.’s administrators have further modified the Operating System to make our software architecture and server hardware run like clockwork.

Also, your semi–dedicated server can be positioned in any of our a top–notch data centers offering an incredibly secure hosting environment with a number of anti–DoS tools.