Well–performing hosting server hardware

All the elements of our dedicated server configurations have been meticulously chosen in order to construct a robust hosting platform that’ll be able to match your ever–expanding hosting necessities.

Most hosting suppliers offer Dedicated Web Hosting Plans that feature the newest hardware solutions. But, practice has confirmed that brand new hardware that has not been extensively tested has a lot more bugs and glitches. What’s more, it offers limited software support.

Because we would like your dedicated web hosting plans to be reliable for as long as possible, we’re dedicated to implementing the best hardware, not the newest.

Total admin access

Your dedicated server will be all yours, so we’ll give you full root access to the machine. With full root access, you’ll have complete autonomy to change and update anything on your dedicated server. You’ll be able to install new software apps, to make configuration changes to the Apache server as well as to install a different Operating System.

And if you need assistance working with your dedicated server, our client care staff will be glad to assist. We are available to you 24/7/365 and we offer a 1–hour response time guarantee.

Online Control Panel, cPanel, DirectAdmin

With Linux Hosts Ltd., it is now very easy to manage your sites on a dedicated server. During the signup process, we give you a choice of Control Panel tools that will permit you to take full control of your web sites. You can select between the widely used cPanel Control Panel (available at $30.00/month), the DirectAdmin Control Panel and Linux Hosts Ltd.’s custom Online Control Panel, which comes for free with your server.

Linux Hosts Ltd.’s Online Control Panel is based on the precious feedback provided by our clients and offers a user–friendly user interface with a drag & drop File Manager, unlimited domain hosting quotas and a selection of website accelerators for speeding up your web sites. cPanel offers a familiar user interface for managing web sites and includes the WHM tool. DirectAdmin, the third web hosting Control Panel option, includes a variety of free–of–cost modules for transforming your server into a game server or a mail server.

Each Control Panel requires a given Linux version. For instance, cPanel and DirectAdmin run on CentOS, while Linux Hosts Ltd.’s Online Control Panel requires Debian. On the signup page, you can select your Control Panel and the Linux distribution it goes with.

Managed Servers

In the event that, at one point, administering your dedicated server begins to seem a bit too much for you, we have a solution – the Managed Servers package.

With our Managed Servers package, you can have our administrators keep constant track of your server. Plus, your dedicated server will be integrated into our state–of–the–art server monitoring system, which will permit us to discover any problem the moment it occurs.

Other than monitoring procedures, the Managed Servers package also includes OS updates and automatic backups.

24x7 support service

You need assistance with your dedicated hosting server? We’re at your disposal 24–7–365 and we answer within just one hour.

Our support staff consists of technical support engineers with multiple years of experience in the sphere. They’ve seen it all and, more importantly, have fixed it all. And they are eager to answer all your inquiries regarding your dedicated server.

And if a problem cannot be resolved by our tech support staff, we have an elite team of sysadmins who are available for assistance.