A top class USA datacenter

As a treasured web hosting customer of Linux Hosts Ltd., you’ll enjoy the whole set of features of Linux Hosts Ltd.’s world–class data center positioned in Chicago, state of Illinois. It is actually owned by the widely recognized American company Steadfast Networks. They feature the actual environment required in keeping the web hosting servers functioning round–the–clock.

All of the web servers in the USA datacenter are constructed with high–class hardware components. The well–built interior network uses Juniper routers and switches.

A fully redundant network

Our USA datacenter features a fully reliable network. While Linux Hosts Ltd.’s interior network has Juniper routers and switches, together with heavily revised software, they use Cisco devices. The network is entirely meshed and redundant using several major backbone suppliers.

Thanks to this amazing network setup, we’re able to give a 99.9% network uptime warranty with all of our hosting services – cloud hosting plans packages, VPS web hosting plans, semi-dedicated plans and dedicated web hosting plans.

Optimum route selection

With long years of superb operations, the USA datacenter has developed an awesome peering network, consisting of major backbone suppliers, just like Layer(3), NTT and nLayer, that happen to be among the top–notch network providers. BGP is commonly used for the best route selection and automated failover functions.

We are able to offer you good connection speeds not just throughout the United States, but around the globe on top of that. If you host your site in the USA datacenter, it’ll load quickly from any location.

A 99.9% network uptime warranty

A group of skilled employees is on–site 24x7 to maintain and check the web server network to ensure an outstanding 100% network uptime. By supplying high class hardware on our servers, we’re able to ensure a 99.9% server uptime with all our website hosting services.

And also, Linux Hosts Ltd.’s custom–built cloud hosting system permits the server load to be distributed between a variety of machines, so your web sites won’t experience unexpected service disturbances. We’ve also developed a highly tailored, Linux–based server Operating System, that allows us to include or remove new servers anytime without the need of creating network outages.

Very well managed and tried and tested hosting servers

Inside the USA datacenter we maintain a fast–growing server network, consisting of various server machines. Our own intelligent notification system is going to spot even the slightest trouble within a specified service and can right away tell the administrators. An internal SMS notification system will let our server administrators aware if an issue is not fixed following a certain amount of time.

Linux Hosts Ltd.’s server network features cloud hosting plans servers, and, additionally testing and backup servers. Furthermore, we have many master VPS machines, semi–dedicated and dedicated servers.

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