A top class AU datacenter

Amaze is recognized as one of the top–quality data centers in Australia and Oceania. It has a perfect location in the Sydney Central Business District and maintains a large peering network. On account of the excellent efficiency levels, Amaze is able to keep energy bills down, which allows us to offer you a pretty attractive hosting price. Ideal web hosting conditions are ensured also by maintaining appropriate temperature & humidity levels.

The Australia–based data center offers fantastic connectivity within the Southern Hemisphere, which will guarantee terrific loading speeds for all your sites.

Fantastic network connectivity

The AU datacenter has its own communication layer with access to the infrastructure of lots of telecommunications service providers. The client distribution layer offers a 2(N+1) configuration, which guarantees the unproblematic inclusion of new servers. The two N+1 communication rooms situated at each end of the data center are used by major regional and international telecommunications service providers in order to provide end users with unrivalled Internet connectivity options. That way your web sites will open really fast no matter if the individual is from Australia or from anywhere else.

The AU facility even offers the possibility for other network access providers to be added by using diverse cable routes and pathways. Plus, there is space on the facility’s rooftop designated for custom–made satellite and aerial devices.

Industry certified energy & air conditioning conditions

Our Australian data center is designed to function according to enhanced Tier III requirements, meaning that it offers a 99.982% network uptime guarantee. The facility is connected directly to the National Grid via two different 20 MVA feeds. If something goes wrong, 22 diesel–powered generators are ready to pick up the load at any time.

Amaze also offers N+1 cooling options, meaning that we can add as many physical servers as we wish, without having to alter the present cooling parameters. This enables us to add more servers to our cloud hosting system at any given time, without putting them in danger of overheating.

Data center facilities safety and support

There’s a group of competent techs who are on duty 24–7 to ensure that your web sites are hosted in optimal hosting conditions. BMS and SCADA systems monitor the mechanical and electrical equipment. Closed–circuit TV surveillance cameras and mantrap devices are controlling the physical access to the data center 24x7x365.

Thanks to the custom monitoring and alerting system, which is running 24/7/365, our server administrators are able to keep the servers up and running at least 99.9% of the time.

Servers network

We have partnered with Amaze for just several years, but we are already amazed by the things they can offer us. For this reason, we have a large number of servers in the data center facility – production servers, billing servers, administration servers, testing servers, backup servers and many more.

And owing to their trained engineers, we are able to set up a completely new server from scratch and to include it in our cloud hosting plans network within several hours.

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